FPL Fixture Difficulty by Team – Offense

Fixture difficulty is an important tool for serious fantasy managers. Knowing which teams have easier schedules allow you to make hard decisions, such as deciding between 2 very good players. Traditionally fixture difficulty is measured for the team as a whole, but here we break it down by position.

The table below illustrates fixture difficulty for offensive positions (Midfield and Forward). Each team is ranked from 1 to 20 (1 being the easiest).

Click here to learn more about how the difficulty rankings work.

See defensive fixture difficulty here.

Team Name GW 28 GW 29 GW 30 GW 31 GW 32
Arsenal Man City(17) Brighton(7) Watford(2) Leicester(10) Stoke(1)
Bournemouth Newcastle(5) Leicester(14) Spurs(17) West Brom(6) Watford(9)
Brighton Swansea(10) Arsenal(16) Everton(15) Man City(20) Leicester(13)
Burnley Southampton(8) Everton(8) West Ham(9) Chelsea(18) West Brom(11)
Chelsea Man Utd(20) Man City(19) Crystal Palace(3) Burnley(14) Spurs(14)
Crystal Palace Spurs(19) Man Utd(17) Chelsea(19) Huddersfield(11) Liverpool(17)
Everton Watford(7) Burnley(15) Brighton(5) Stoke(7) Man City(19)
Huddersfield West Brom(12) Spurs(20) Swansea(8) Crystal Palace(8) Newcastle(12)
Leicester Stoke(2) Bournemouth(3) West Brom(6) Arsenal(15) Brighton(8)
Liverpool West Ham(1) Newcastle(2) Man Utd(18) Watford(2) Crystal Palace(3)
Man City Arsenal(9) Chelsea(10) Stoke(1) Brighton(1) Everton(4)
Man Utd Chelsea(14) Crystal Palace(5) Liverpool(12) West Ham(4) Swansea(2)
Newcastle Bournemouth(11) Liverpool(18) Southampton(7) Spurs(19) Huddersfield(7)
Southampton Burnley(16) Stoke(4) Newcastle(9) Swansea(12) West Ham(10)
Stoke Leicester(15) Southampton(12) Man City(20) Everton(5) Arsenal(18)
Swansea Brighton(13) West Ham(9) Huddersfield(11) Southampton(9) Man Utd(20)
Spurs Crystal Palace(4) Huddersfield(1) Bournemouth(4) Newcastle(3) Chelsea(16)
Watford Everton(3) West Brom(6) Arsenal(16) Liverpool(17) Bournemouth(5)
West Brom Huddersfield(6) Watford(13) Leicester(14) Bournemouth(13) Burnley(15)
West Ham Liverpool(18) Swansea(11) Burnley(12) Man Utd(16) Southampton(6)

How Fixture Difficulty Works

Fixture difficulty rankings for offensive positions takes into account the following factors:

  • Premier League Fixture Difficulty Rating (FDR)
  • Overall team offensive performance (including goals for, probability of scoring a goal)
  • Opponent affinity for stopping goals (goals against, form)
  • Home and away performance per team

Each team is ranked from 1 to 20. 1 is the easiest, 20 is the hardest. The fixtures are also color-coded with shades of green being the easiest, red being the hardest, and white being neutral.

The table is updated after each game week.