Fantasy Premier League Bench Recommendations


Which players should you start? Which players should you bench? Use this tool to generate recommendations for which players you should bench in your current team of Fantasy Premier League. It follows the FPL rules to ensure you will have a playable team with a supported formation. You can add more or less than 15 players, and it will optimize to suggest the best 4-player bench. You can remove a benched player if you want another suggestion. Click here to learn more about how the recommendations work.

Tip: get your team id by clicking on your points tab in FPL and noting the [ID] value in[ID]/event/#

Lineup Recommendations

Player Start or Bench?

Note: Bench or start recommendations will be updated after the end of each game week.

How Bench Recommendations Work

  • The tool follows the FPL rules to ensure you will have a playable formation
  • The following is considered when making suggestions: upcoming fixture difficulty, player form, chance of playing, points performance so far this season.
  • Unlike most tools, our fixture difficulty considers position, see FDRs by position here
  • The tool does not have access to transfers you have made before the deadline in the current gameweek (only what is publicly available); You can add/remove players manually to account for any intra-gameweek transfers

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